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Outdoor adventure activities are some of the best ways to experience personal growth, stretch yourself, work as a team, and have fun. Capstone uses a variety of outdoor activities to work on personal skills like communication, problem solving, risk assessment and setting goals. We also help individuals to work as a group to develop leadership, team work and conflict resolution skills. Below is a list of some of the activities we offer.

Ropes Course

Group initiative activities, low ropes and high ropes courses, enable participants to grow as a team and as individuals while exploring risk, collaborative problem-solving, teamwork, and coaching. In addition groups and individuals can improve communication, leadership, and conflict resolution skills. Capstone offers several course options for a wide range of groups.

Our portable, 50 element Group Initiative/Low Ropes Course

is a great tool for groups who need us to come to them. Challenge activities can be facilitated indoors or out and can be set up in spaces like a large classroom or conference room, gyms or lawns.

Our 15-element Low Ropes Course

is set deep in a private wooded track away from distractions. We provide a challenging platform for every member of them team. In addition it allows for unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

Our High Ropes Course

is a 10-element tree-based course set deep in a private wooded track away from distractions. The challenges allow participants to expand their comfort zones and perceived limits.  Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, supporting “on belay,” or finding an effective way to encourage a teammate. Your experience will culminate with a ride down our 250ft zip line and a time of debriefing in our fire ring area.

Group rate (10 or more) are:

  • Low ropes (2.5 hrs) $18/participant
  • High ropes (3 hrs) $30/participant
  • Low/High same day (5-6 hrs) $43/participant

*(non-profits and school groups receive a 20% discount on all programs) – For more info or to register contact us at 704-652-2548

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exciting activity to challenge and motivate even the most adventurous group. Rock climbing promotes mental, physical, and emotional self-awareness on the part of the participant to safely overcome fear, problem solve, and effectively communicate with teammates. We provide all necessary equipment and instruction.

Climbing Locations include:

  • Crowders Mountain (1/2 and full day)
  • Stone Mountain (full day only)
  • Pilot Mountain (1/2 and full day)
  • Table Rock (Linville Gorge) (full day and multi-day)

Group rates are:

  • $48/person (1/2 day)
  • $60/person (full day)

*(non-profits and school groups receive a 20% discount) – For more info or to register contact us at 704-652-2548

Canoeing & Flat-Water Kayaking

Paddling is a great way to spend time as a family or group any time of the year. The Pee-Dee and Catawba river basins offer a wide range of recreational paddling. Kayaking/canoeing promotes self-responsibility, problem solving and risk assessment. Being on a lake or river also offers new adventures, opportunities to explore remote areas and access to wildlife rarely seen. We provide all necessary equipment and instruction:

Paddling locations include:

  • Rocky River (1/2 and full day trip)
  • Yadkin River (1/2 and full day trip)
  • South Fork River (1/2 day)
  • Catawba River (1/2 day)
  • Uwharrie River (1/2 day trips)
  • New River (full and multi-day trips)


  • 1/2 day trips $45
  • full day trips $65

*(non-profits and school groups receive a 20% discount)  – For more info or to register contact us at 704-652-2548

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